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200 Years of Strange Tales From The Lights Out Club

Manhattan Macabre:

200 Years of Strange Tales From The Lights Out Club

Have you heard of The Lights Out Club? No? Well, for the first 140 years of its existence, society wasn't supposed to know about it. It all began back in 1796, when Alexander Hamilton, one of America's founding fathers, had just given the new nation its first sex scandal which had left him temporarily unemployed...

He retreated to Manhattan, his home town, to lick his wounds. During that time, he was able to convince six prominent New Yorkers to entertain themselves each week by sharing tales of terror by the light of a solitary candle. For an extra jolt, they would meet in dark, out-of-the-way, often, dangerous places. Their spooky tales were based upon personal experiences, or, true events which had taken place in NYC.

As the group grew, the secret membership was by reference only and restricted to New Yorkers. By the 1800s, they were known as The Lights Out Club. To this day, this legendary, influential group has continued on, attracting members from all walks of life, from school teachers to politicians, cops, athletes, vaudevillians, gangsters, authors and Hollywood superstars ...everyone, it seems, has a terrifying story to tell...and loves hearing them, as well.

About the Author: Dan Bianchi

DAN BIANCHI has spent over 40 yrs in theater, film and fine arts. Awards include: 3 times BEST DIRECTOR Off Broadway; Billy Rose Musical Theater Award; ASCAP Musical Theater Award; National Endowment Grant; MacDowell Fellowship, The Beckett Prize (twice), The National Writers Guild Screenwriting Award. He's founded four international theater companies, written/directed over 30 of his own plays/musicals, worked as screenwriter in Hollywood, directed 7 motion pictures with members of the Royal Shakespeare Co.